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What is Lottery ?

A lottery is a game of chance or a form of gambling where participants purchase tickets or numbers with the hope of winning a prize, typically a sum of money.

Top Online Lottery Singapore

EU9Best Overall Lottery Online Casinos138% Welcome Bonus + Deposit $50 Free $50
77WFastest Withdrawal Online Lottery SGBrand Ambassador Welcome Bonus
Hfive5Best Cash Rebate for 4D LotteryExtra 5% Rebate on all 4D Bets
Yes8Top Choice for Lottery Lover8% Rescue Bonus + 150% Welcome Bonus
12PlayBest Bonus and Promotions 4DUnlimited Daily Bonus 10% + 4D Bets Extra Cash Rebate
B9Casino4D Online Highest PayoutWeekly Cashback Up to SGD1000

1. EU9 – 138% Welcome Bonus + Depo $50 Free $50

Software ProvidersSingapore Pools, Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, Pan Malaysia Pool, Diriwan (Sabah88), Sandakan STC 4D, Special Cash Sweep and Grand Dragon Lottery
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Card, e-Wallet, Cryptocurrency, and More
Withdrawal SpeedFast, 5 Mins
Bonuses & PromotionsUnlimited Daily Rebate Up To 1.5%

EU9 is an online casino dedicated to serving the gaming needs of players from Singapore. The moment you land on the site, you’ll notice its user-friendly and minimalist layout, making navigation a breeze.

For fans of 4D lottery games in Singapore, you’ll find a dedicated section by clicking on the icon at the top of the page. This section offers access to beloved variants such as Magnum 4D, Damacai, Toto 4D, and Singapore 4D, among others.

One of the standout features of playing 4D lottery games online at EU9 is the casino’s generous bonuses. Upon signing up, new Singaporean players are welcomed with a 100% bonus of up to SGD299. Additionally, there’s a deposit bonus that you can choose based on your deposit amount.

2. 77W – Brand Ambassador Welcome Bonus

Software ProvidersSingapore Pools, Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, Pan Malaysia Pool, Diriwan (Sabah88), Sandakan STC 4D, Special Cash Sweep and Grand Dragon Lottery
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Card, e-Wallet, Cryptocurrency, and More
Withdrawal SpeedFast, 5 Mins
Bonuses & PromotionsSHOW VIP LEVELS BONUS

77W is a trusted online casino boasting a rich gaming library comprising all casino game genres. Here, you can play poker, online slots, live casino games, and table games from your mobile or desktop device.

77W also has numerous bonuses. These include a 10% unlimited reload bonus, welcome bonus, referral bonus, VIP weekly rescue bonus, and others. 77W also has the best amount of crypto bonuses because it is one of the famous crypto casino featuring crypto slots and other casino table games.

77W is also a perfect 4D Singapore casino. It allows you to buy Singapore Pools, TOTO, and Magnum 4D. You can also play Funky Games, QQ Keno and Grand Dragon Lottery.

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3. Hfive5 – Extra 5% Rebate on all 4D Bets

Software ProvidersSingapore Pools, Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, Pan Malaysia Pool, Diriwan (Sabah88), Sandakan STC 4D, Special Cash Sweep and Grand Dragon Lottery
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Card, e-Wallet, Cryptocurrency, and More
Withdrawal SpeedFast, 5 Mins
Bonuses & PromotionsExtra 5% Rebate, Same Day Payout Winning Below $100,000

Hfive5 is your go-to choice for a secure and dependable lottery experience. Renowned for their commitment to customer satisfaction, they provide a trustworthy environment for lottery enthusiasts. When you opt for Hfive5, you’re guaranteed a lottery experience that’s both secure and transparent.

One of the standout features of Hfive5 is their exclusive 5% rebate on all 4D bets. This means you not only get a chance to win big but also enjoy significant savings compared to market rates. It’s a win-win situation that sets Hfive5 apart from the rest. For those who celebrate victories below $100,000, Hfive5 offers the convenience of same-day payouts. This means that you can enjoy your winnings before noon on the same day, adding to the excitement of your lottery success.

But that’s not all – Hfive5 introduces an innovative SMS betting system, allowing you to place bets even without an internet connection. Stay connected and never miss out on the chance to play anytime, anywhere. It’s a game-changer in the world of lottery.

4. Yes8 – 8% Rescue Bonus

Software ProvidersSingapore Pools, Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, Pan Malaysia Pool, Diriwan (Sabah88), Sandakan STC 4D, Special Cash Sweep and Grand Dragon Lottery
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Card, e-Wallet, Cryptocurrency, and More
Withdrawal SpeedFast, 5 Mins
Bonuses & PromotionsExtra 5% Rebate, Same Day Payout Winning Below $100,000

Yes8 truly stands out as your go-to destination for all your gambling entertainment. While the website design may not boast flashy graphics, it is highly functional and efficiently serves your needs.

For those considering participating in the Singapore Lottery online, Yes8 provides a seamless and convenient solution. You can effortlessly purchase tickets for various prestigious lotteries, including Magnum, Singapore Pools, Toto, Damacai, Cash Sweep, and Diriwan88, all from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Yes8 operates 24/7, ensuring you have ample time to purchase your tickets well before the deadlines. What’s even better is that you can instantly access and check your results by simply logging into your casino account after the draw. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and convenience to your lottery experience, making Yes8 a top choice for lottery enthusiasts.

5. 12Play – Unlimited Daily Bonus 10% + 4D Bets Extra Cash Rebate

Software ProvidersSingapore Pools, Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, Pan Malaysia Pool, Diriwan (Sabah88), Sandakan STC 4D, Special Cash Sweep and Grand Dragon Lottery
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Card, e-Wallet, Cryptocurrency, and More
Withdrawal SpeedFast, 5 Mins
Bonuses & PromotionsUnlimited Daily Bonus 10% + 4D Bets Extra Cash Rebate

12Play presents itself as a modern and visually appealing online casino, providing a wide variety of online casino games and attractive bonuses. Their website caters to a range of preferences, offering an extensive selection of slot machines, table games, live casinos, sports betting, esports, fishing, and lottery options. Within each of these categories, you’ll find a wealth of games to ensure your gaming experience remains dynamic and thrilling.

Furthermore, if you’re in search of more diverse lottery opportunities, 12Play provides an option to explore. They not only offer a variety of lottery games but also introduce enticing features such as an Unlimited Daily Bonus of 10% and an additional cash rebate on 4D bets, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

6. B9Casino – Weekly Cashback Up to SGD1000

Software ProvidersSingapore Pools, Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, Pan Malaysia Pool, Diriwan (Sabah88), Cash Sweep
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Card, e-Wallet, Cryptocurrency
Withdrawal Speed24 Hours – 48 Hours
Bonuses & PromotionsWeekly Cashback Up to SGD1000

B9Casino is a legit and world class online casinos in Singapore that offer wide array of casino games such as live dealer casino, sports betting, and lottery 4D online.

B9casino provides you with the convenience of purchasing lottery tickets right from the comfort of your own home. You can easily buy tickets for a wide range of popular lotteries, including Magnum, Singapore Pools, Toto, Damacai, Cash Sweep, and Diriwan88. Enjoy the simplicity of securing your chances at winning big without having to leave your doorstep.

Additionally, you can explore a user-friendly platform that offers detailed information about upcoming draws, winning numbers, and even expert insights to enhance your lottery experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of lotteries, B9casino makes it easy and accessible to participate in your favorite games of chance.

Why Singaporeans Like to Buy Lotteries ?

Tradition and Cultural Significance

Lotteries have become deeply ingrained in Singaporean culture. They are associated with festive seasons, celebrations, and special occasions.

Entertainment Value

Participating in lotteries is not solely about the potential financial gains; it’s also about the entertainment and excitement they provide. The anticipation leading up to draw days, discussing strategies with friends and family.


Lottery outlets are readily available across Singapore, making it convenient for residents to participate. Additionally, online platforms offer easy access to lottery tickets, allowing people to place bets from the comfort of their homes or on their mobile devices.

How to Play Lottery in Singapore ?

Decide between a “Big” Bet (matching any of 23 winning numbers) or a “Small” Bet (matching one of 23 winning numbers, with additional prizes for exact top three numbers).

Purchase your ticket at a Singapore Pools outlet, specifying the draw date. Pay the required amount and keep your ticket. After the draw, check results online or at a retailer for possible winnings.

Why You Should Bet On Lottery Singapore Online ?


Online lottery in Singapore allows you to play from anywhere, anytime, eliminating the need to visit physical outlets.


Online casinos offer a wide range of lottery games, including international options, providing more choices.


In Toto and 4D lottery betting, there are no instances of fraudulent behavior, and even online casino platforms maintain no control over these proceedings. The lottery system is firmly committed to providing a gaming environment that is both equitable and transparent, grounded in reality.

Promotions and Bonuses

Online platforms often offer bonuses and promotions, providing additional value for your bets.

How to Buy Lottery Singapore Online ?

Remember to play responsibly and within your budget, as lottery games are based on chance, and there are no guaranteed wins.

Choose Online Lottery
Create Account
Buy tickets and place bets

Choose a Reputable Online Lottery Platform

Start by selecting a trustworthy online lottery platform that offers Toto and 4D games.

Create an Account

Sign up for an account on the chosen platform. Provide your personal details and create a secure password.

Purchase Tickets

After creating an account, navigate to the Toto and 4D sections of the platform. Choose your numbers, select your bet type, and confirm your ticket purchase.

These lottery games stands out as the most popular choices among players which are Toto, 4D and Singapore Sweep.


Toto’s mechanics are straightforward. Players choose six numbers from a pool of 1 to 49. If their selected numbers match the winning combination drawn on the designated draw days (usually twice a week), they win a substantial jackpot. Toto doesn’t limit players to a single format. Variants like Toto 5/45 and Toto 5/49 provide alternative ways to play, catering to different tastes and preferences.


In 4D, players select a four-digit number of their choice, ranging from 0000 to 9999. Draws are held regularly, often three times a week, creating a sense of anticipation and frequency. 4D stands out due to its flexibility in betting. Players can choose from various betting methods, each with its own set of odds and potential payouts.

Singapore Sweep

Instead of selecting numbers, players purchase pre-printed tickets with unique serial numbers. The suspense lies in whether their serial number matches any of the winning combinations. Singapore Sweep provides multiple chances to win, with various categories of prizes. This includes the grand prize for matching the entire serial number, as well as smaller rewards for partial matches or specific combinations of digits.

Top Lottery Software Providers

Indeed, these are the most prominent lottery providers in Singapore:

Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools is the country’s official lottery operator, offering a range of games including 4D, Toto, sports betting, and more. It is known for its commitment to responsible gaming and contributions to social causes.

Sports Toto

Sports Toto

Sports Toto is a well-established lottery provider in Malaysia that offers its lottery games in Singapore as well. It provides various lottery games, including Toto, and has a reputation for large jackpot prizes.

Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D is another lottery provider based in Malaysia that operates in Singapore. It is particularly known for its 4D games, offering players a chance to win significant prizes by correctly predicting four-digit numbers.

Pan Malaysia Pools

Da Ma Cai

Pan Malaysia Pools (Da Ma Cai) is a lottery provider that operates in Malaysia. It offers various lottery games, including the popular 4D and 3D lotteries. Players can participate by selecting their preferred numbers and placing bets for a chance to win cash prizes.

Grand Dragon Lottery

Grand Dragon Lottery

The Grand Dragon Lottery is a lottery operator that primarily serves the Asian market, including countries like Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia. It offers a range of lottery games, including 4D and other lottery variants, providing players with opportunities to win substantial jackpots.

Diriwan (Sabah88)

Diriwan Sabah88

Diriwan, commonly known as Sabah88, is a Malaysian lottery game that has gained popularity among Singaporean players in the online lottery scene. It offers a range of games, including 4D, 3D, and 2D, each with its own unique betting style. Sabah88’s influence on Singaporean players is notable for several reasons:

Sandakan STC 4D

Sandakan STC 4D

Sandakan STC 4D is another Malaysian lottery game that has made an impact on Singaporean players in the online lottery arena. It is characterized by its 4D format, offering four-digit numbers for players to wager on. Here’s how it influences Singaporean players:

Special Cash Sweep

Special Cash Sweep

Special Cash Sweep is yet another Malaysian lottery game that has garnered the interest of Singaporean players in the online lottery sphere. It offers a distinct lottery experience with its own set of features:

Tips & Tricks for Singapore Pools Lottery Prediction

Predicting lottery numbers is largely a game of chance, and there is no foolproof strategy to guarantee a win. However, if you enjoy playing the Singapore Pools lottery and want to improve your odds or make the experience more enjoyable, here are some tips and tricks to consider:

Explore Number Patterns

Dive deeper into the charts of past draws and results to uncover number patterns and trends. Look for recurring combinations, hot numbers (frequently drawn), and cold numbers (rarely drawn).

Balance Recent Historical Numbers

Strike a balance between recent winning numbers and those from further back in history. While it’s wise not to repeatedly purchase the same recent winning numbers, don’t completely disregard historically successful combinations.

Utilize Lottery Prediction Software

Consider using lottery prediction software or tools available on online lottery platforms. These tools employ algorithms and data analysis to generate potential number combinations.

How to Win 4D First Prize ?

The probability of winning the 4D first prize hinges on the specific combination drawn. Take, for example, the winning sequence 1234, which offers precisely 24 potential permutations, including 1234, 1342, 1432, and so forth. Notably, not all these permutations share an equal likelihood of being drawn; some, like 1234, may have a higher occurrence rate compared to others, such as 4312. This translates into your odds of securing the coveted first prize standing at 1 in 10,000, underscoring the game’s inherent unpredictability.

To enhance your chances of claiming the first prize, you can opt to increase your ticket count and strategically select numbers that have shown greater frequency in previous draws. However, it’s imperative to remember that lottery participation fundamentally revolves around chance. Regardless of any strategies or efforts employed, there remains no guarantee of clinching the top prize.

Lotto 4D VS Lottery Singapore 

AspectLotto 4DLottery Singapore
Game TypePredominantly focuses on the classic 4D game, where players choose a four-digit number.Offers a diverse range of lottery games including Toto, 4D, and Scratch & Win, catering to different preferences.
Number Selection RangeTypically involves selecting a four-digit number from a range of 0000 to 9999.Offers various formats, such as six-number selections for Toto and four-digit choices for 4D, each with its own range.
Draw FrequencyDrawings occur frequently, with daily or multiple draws weekly, depending on the operator.Features multiple draws per week for various games, including Toto and 4D, providing regular opportunities to play.
Jackpot PrizesJackpot prizes in Lotto 4D can vary but offer potential for significant winnings.The Singapore Lottery offers substantial jackpot prizes, with multi-million-dollar payouts in some games like Toto.
Betting OptionsOffers various betting options, including big and small bets, as well as permutations.Provides a variety of betting styles, depending on the chosen game, with different rules and prize structures.
AccessibilityEasily accessible through authorized retailers and online platforms, depending on the region.Accessible through authorized retail outlets and online via the official Singapore Pools website.
RegulationOperates under local gaming regulations, ensuring fairness and adherence to legal standards.Subject to strict gaming regulations in Singapore, with comprehensive oversight and compliance measures.
Proceeds AllocationA portion of proceeds may contribute to public causes or initiatives, depending on the operator.Funds generated support a wide range of community and social programs in Singapore.
PopularityEnjoys popularity among players in the regions where it’s available, including Singapore.Highly popular within Singapore’s lottery culture, with extensive participation and recognition.
Game VarietyFocuses primarily on the 4D game format, offering variations in bet types.Provides a diverse selection of games, appealing to players with varied preferences and gaming styles.

Best Lottery Singapore Prediction Software

Many online lottery platforms, such as Singapore Pools, provide prediction tools or number generators to assist players. While these may not guarantee wins, they can offer quick suggestions for your lottery picks.

Lottery Predictor Singapore (Lotto) – Magayo Lotto

Magayo Lotto is a highly regarded and user-friendly lottery prediction software that supports various Singaporean lottery games, including 4D and Toto. It offers historical data analysis, number frequency tracking, and predictive algorithms to help you make informed choices.

Win4D Advance

Win4D Advance is a comprehensive 4D and Toto prediction software specifically designed for Singapore Pools lotteries. It provides advanced features like pattern analysis, number filtering, and number generation to assist you in selecting numbers strategically.

Smart Luck’s Wheel Gold

Wheeling systems are a popular method for optimizing your number combinations. Smart Luck’s Wheel Gold software offers wheeling systems for Singaporean lotteries, allowing you to play more numbers without purchasing numerous tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I check my Singapore lottery results online ?

You can easily check the latest Singapore lottery results online by visiting the official Singapore Pools website or using their mobile app.

What is the Singapore lottery jackpot amount today?

The jackpot amounts for Singapore lottery games vary and can change with each draw. To find out the current jackpot amounts, you can visit the Singapore Pools website or check local news sources for updates.

Can foreigners play the Singapore lottery?

Yes, foreigners are generally allowed to participate in Singapore’s lottery games, including 4D and Toto. There are no citizenship restrictions for playing these games. However, be sure to comply with local regulations and guidelines.

What are the odds of winning the Singapore lottery (4D or Toto)?

The odds of winning in specific Singapore lottery games, such as 4D and Toto, vary depending on the type of bet and the game variant. You can find detailed information on the odds and probabilities on the official Singapore Pools website or through their informational materials.

How do I claim my lottery winnings in Singapore?

To claim your lottery winnings in Singapore, follow these general steps:

  • Keep your winning ticket safe and intact.
  • Visit a Singapore Pools outlet or the main Singapore Pools building to claim your prize.
  • Fill out a prize claim form and provide your winning ticket.
  • If your prize is below a certain threshold, you may receive it on the spot. For larger prizes, additional verification and processing may be required.
  • Payments are typically made in the form of a check or bank transfer.