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What is Sic Bo ?

Before you dive into the virtual world, let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Origin & History: What is the meaning of Sic Bo ?

Sic Bo, a name meaning “precious dice,” traces its roots back to ancient China. Picture this: A couple of thousand years ago, people tossing dice in alleyways, the same way we might engage in a quick mobile game during a coffee break. Click here to learn more about the history of Sic Bo.

Gameplay Basics

Alright, here’s the deal: Sic Bo uses three dice, and it’s all about predicting the outcome. Will the roll result in a specific number? Will it be a small or big total? The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity yet vast betting possibilities.

Sic Bo
Sic Bo

Why Play Sic Bo Online?

Convenience & Comfort

Engaging in online Sic Bo affords players an unparalleled level of comfort. The digital platform eliminates the disturbances often associated with traditional gaming establishments, allowing for a focused and serene gaming environment.

Range of Options

Traditional casinos can sometimes restrict players due to limited table availability. In contrast, online platforms offer an expansive array of variations, accommodating various stakes and themes. Players are encouraged to explore these diverse offerings to find the optimal gaming experience.

Engaging Graphics & Sound

Modern iterations of online Sic Bo are characterized not only by their adherence to traditional rules but also by their sophisticated graphics and sound design. These elements, meticulously crafted, serve to elevate the gaming experience to a realm comparable to that of high-end digital entertainment.

Finding the Right Online Casino

The internet is vast, and not all that glitters is gold.

Security & Licensing

It is important for players to prioritize and validate the licensing and security protocols of the selected online casino. Only online casinos with recognized licenses and rigorous security measures should be considered for online gameplay to ensure data protection and fair play.

Game Variety & Software Providers

An esteemed online casino distinguishes itself not only through the diversity of its game offerings but also through its collaboration with industry-leading gaming software providers. A broad spectrum of games and providers enhances the user experience, underscoring the importance of informed choices in online platforms.

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How To Play Sic Bo ?

Types of Bets

From betting on a single number to wagering on combinations or total values, Sic Bo offers a plethora of options. It’s like a buffet – you’ve got to try everything at least once!

Odds & Payouts

Remember, each bet comes with its odds, and knowing them can be your best friend. While some bets might seem attractive, always weigh them against the potential payout.

Sic Bo Betting Options

Small and Big Bets

These are foundational bets in Sic Bo. A small bet is successful when the aggregate of the three dice lies between 4 and 10, excluding the occurrence of a triplet. Conversely, a big bet is triumphant when the total falls between 11 and 17, with the exception of a triplet outcome.

Single Number Bets

This bet entails wagering on a singular number ranging from 1 to 6, predicting its appearance on any of the three dice. Should the chosen number manifest once, twice, or on all three dice, the player’s return escalates proportionally.

Double and Triple Bets

For those pursuing higher risks and rewards, these bets provide an avenue. One can wager on specific double numbers (e.g., two instances of the number 4) or target triple numbers (e.g., a roll resulting in three instances of the number 6). Though the probability of such outcomes is lower, the associated payouts are notably lucrative.

Two-Dice Combos

A wager predicting two specific numbers will appear on two of the dice, such as a 2 and a 4.


A bet on the total sum of the three dice, which can range from 4 to 17.

Four Number Combo

A bet that any three out of four specific numbers will appear.

Three Single Number Combo

A wager that predicts the appearance of three specific numbers across the dice.

Specific Double and Single Number Combo

A bet that two specific numbers will appear as a double, and a third specific number will appear as well.

Two Specific Doubles

A bet predicting that two specific double numbers will appear on the dice, such as two 3s and two 5s.

The odds and payouts for these bets can vary based on the casino and specific variations of the game. Always check the table’s payout structure before placing a bet

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The Sic Bo Rules

Table Layout

The Sic Bo table is a structured arrangement that features an array of betting options. To the untrained eye, its design can seem intricate and complex. However, with consistent gameplay and understanding, its layout becomes more comprehensible.

Table Layout for Sic Bo

Sic Bo Winning Formula

Understanding the Odds

It is important to have a clear comprehension of the odds when you are playing Sic Bo.

Certain wagers are characterized by elevated probabilities of success, albeit with diminished returns. In contrast, others present considerable risk, yet the potential rewards are correspondingly substantial.

Tips for First Time Player/Beginners

For those unfamiliar with Sic Bo, it’s prudent to commence with the fundamental ‘small’ and ‘big’ bets.

These wagers yield probabilities akin to the near 50-50 chances observed in roulette’s red or black bets, serving as an excellent introduction to the game’s dynamics.

Advanced Strategies: For Experienced Player

For experienced players seeking to refine their strategy, combination bets are worthy of consideration. By wagering on a pair of distinct numbers, one can leverage the diminished house edge associated with these bets, thereby amplifying the likelihood of success.

Is there any Sic Bo game to download ?

Sic Bo is a popular ancient Chinese dice game that has gained traction in casinos around the world. If you want to download a Sic Bo game, there are several platforms where you might find one:

Mobile Apps

Both Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store have a plethora of Sic Bo game apps available for download. Just search “Sic Bo” and you’ll find various free and paid versions, many of which also include tutorials on how to play.

Online Casinos

Many online casinos offer digital versions. Before downloading or signing up, ensure the casino is legitimate, licensed, and has positive reviews. Please remember to gamble responsibly if playing with real money.

PC Software

There are downloadable PC software versions available on the internet. Again, do your research and ensure the download source is legitimate to avoid downloading malicious software.

Web-based Games

There are many websites that offer web-based games, so you don’t need to download anything. These are great if you just want to play for fun and not download any software.

Setting Up to Play Online

Choose a Reputable Online Casino

If you are keen to play sic bo online, the foundation of a secure online gaming experience lies in choosing a reputable Online Casino Singapore.

Engage in thorough due diligence to ascertain the legitimacy and reliability of the platform. Seek casinos that hold appropriate licenses, demonstrate transparency in their operations, and maintain a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

Registering an Account

Once a suitable platform has been identified, the subsequent step involves creating a user account. This process typically necessitates the provision of basic personal details, ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations. It is imperative to opt for a strong, unique password to fortify account security, and to exercise caution by refraining from sharing login credentials.

Familiarizing with the User Interface

After successful registration, users should invest time in comprehending the platform’s user interface. Recognizing the positioning of essential features, the flow of gameplay, and the means to access help or customer support can significantly enhance the online gaming experience. Many platforms also offer tutorials or demo versions, which can be instrumental in familiarizing oneself with the intricacies of Sic Bo gameplay online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play Sic Bo Online Free ?

Playing Sic Bo online for free is an excellent way to familiarize oneself with the game without risking any money. Some online casinos might require you to register an account, even if you’re playing the free version, many others allow guests to play without any registration.

What is the difference between Craps and Sic Bo ?

Both Craps and Sic Bo are popular dice games, but they have distinct differences in terms of origin, dice used, table layout, gameplay.

What types of bets can be placed in Sic Bo?

Players have multiple betting options. You can scroll up to know which types of bets can be placed in Sic Bo.

How can one increase their chances of winning at Sic Bo?

While Sic Bo is primarily a game of chance, players can adopt certain strategies to optimize their gameplay.

What are the odds in Sic Bo ?

Sic Bo, often referred to as “Tai Sai” or “Dai Siu”, is a dice game of ancient Chinese origin. Players bet on the outcome of the roll of three dice. Various combinations of dice rolls offer different payouts, and the odds vary based on the type of bet placed. You can refer to our Sic Bo guide to know more.

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