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Initially, acquiring 4D Singapore tickets was restricted to physical stores, where players often endured lengthy queues before they could make a purchase. Now, the process has been simplified with the introduction of online lottery, offering a more convenient option to obtain your tickets.

One of the online lottery providers is the Sandakan Turf Club (STC), established in 1968 and has over 800 outlets including locations in Kota Kinabalu. The drawings take place each Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7 pm.

The Ultimate Guide to Play 4D

This is a straightforward game of chance. Bet on a 4-digit number and check if your chosen number matches any of the 23 winning numbers. You can claim your winnings of up to RM3,500 for every RM1 you bet.

After setting up your account, it is time to get started.

How to Play ?

There are a few different ways to play 4D at Sandakan STC 4D.

Roll Front or Roll Back

If you choose to roll either the front or back digit of your 4-digit number, it will produce 10 different numbers. These numbers will have the front or back digit varying from 0 to 9. You can decide whether to roll the first or last digit of your 4-digit number. 

Permutation Bets

If you choose a preferred 4-digit number, you can create different arrangements with its digits. How many arrangements you can make is influenced by the specific number chosen and the recurrence of its digits. For instance, if you pick a number like 1234, where all the digits are unique, you will be able to make 24 different arrangements.

In situations where a 4-digit number has two identical digits like 5523, there are 12 possible permutations. If the number contains two pairs of matching digits, such as 1133, the permutations reduce to 6. When a 4-digit number features three similar digits, as seen in 2223, there are 4 permutations available.

The primary goal of using permutations is to increase your chances of capitalizing on potential outcomes. This method nearly guarantees that you will secure a prize in some manner. These types of wagers are also referred to as box bets.

Easy-Pick Bets

This method of playing is quite straightforward. The numbers are produced using the gaming computer system. It is important to note that this process is completely random, and as such, it is impossible to predict the numbers that will be generated.

Prize Structure

For every RM1.00 you put in, you have the opportunity to win as much as RM3500.00. The prize is determined by the sum you invest in a number, as well as the corresponding 4-digit number that comes up in each draw. You have the option to place a wager on any 4-digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999 (inclusive), which are available for purchase in each drawing.

You can choose between Big Forecast and Small Forecast, and this will determine the amount of prize you will win.

Big Forecast

There is a higher probability of winning with Big Forecast.

Investing in the big forecast with a RM1.00 bet can potentially reward you with up to 23 cash prizes, as outlined below. You stand a higher chance of winning when the 4-digit number you bought aligns with any of the 23 drawn 4-digit numbers. In such cases, each precise match will grant you a monetary award.

Prize Prize Amount
1st PrizeRM 2,500
2nd PrizeRM 1,000
3rd PrizeRM 500
Special PrizeRM 180
Consolation PrizeRM 60

Small Forecast

This gives you the opportunity to secure higher cash winnings. 

If the 4-digit number you bought aligns with the first, second, or third prize numbers drawn in the chosen draw, you will win a cash reward as indicated below. By placing a RM1.00 bet on the small forecast, you stand a chance to win any of the top three prizes, which are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes as outlined below.

Prize Prize Amount
1st PrizeRM 3,500
2nd PrizeRM 2,000
3rd PrizeRM 1,000

Result Announcement

After every live drawing, the Sandakan 4D results are declared. These results can be accessed at the company’s main office, on the official STC website, or at various agencies.

Why Choose Sandakan STC 4D?


To begin with, Sandakan STC 4D provides flexible betting options. Players have the liberty to choose the amount they want to bet on a specific set of numbers. Although the wager amount influences the potential winnings, it also allows the player considerable freedom to try their fortune with an amount they find suitable.


There are three Sandakan 4D draws weekly, offering players numerous opportunities to try their fortune and secure a substantial prize.

Trust and Credibility

In the world of online gambling, trust is your currency. Sandakan STC 4D stands as a beacon of credibility in the industry, offering a safe and secure platform for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 4D betting has been permitted in Singapore since the year 1968. You can engage in the game at numerous land-based venues, as well as at online casinos. 

Is it possible to buy Malaysia 4D tickets in Singapore?

Yes, Malaysia 4D can be accessed at Singapore online casinos. We highly recommend you to visit our site for more information regarding online lottery in Singapore.

    After the drawing, how soon am I able to claim my prize?

    You can claim it on the next business day after the draw.

    How long do I have to claim my prize?

    Rewards can still be redeemed up to six months from the date of the relevant drawing.

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