Macau, the most prominent gaming hub of China, is experiencing a revival of its gaming sector. In the first half of the current year, Macau’s six casino operators collectively amassed a gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $10 billion, surpassing the $7.5 billion achieved by Nevada’s casinos

Approximately 1,700 individuals are currently under scrutiny for a spectrum of offenses, spanning from online gambling to the possession of contraband items. Over a span of five weeks, a rigorous enforcement blitz led by the Singaporean police force has culminated in raids on nightclubs and the dismantling of an online casino.

The concerted effort engaged close to 2,000 officers from the police land division, who conducted over 300 anti-crime operations across the entire island. One such operation, conducted in proximity to Byrne Road, led to the shutdown of an illicit online casino. 

Police Raid Reveals Establishment with Overseas Virtual Jackpots and Secret Live-Streamed Poker

The patrons of this establishment engaged in activities like virtual jackpot machines and participated in live-streamed poker games. While the games themselves are situated overseas, the casino employs a bookmaker who orchestrates operations on-site through a secret group chat. Players must initially provide cash payments to the bookmaker in exchange for online credits.

Singapore Raid Nightclubs, Online Casino
Singapore Raid Nightclubs, Online Casino, from CNA

Within the precincts of this online casino, six men aged between 53 and 62 were apprehended, charged under the provisions of the Gambling Control Act of 2022. In addition to the arrests, over $1,800 in cash and gambling paraphernalia were confiscated.

Orchard Road Police Raid: Multiple Arrests, Illegal Vaping Devices Seized, and Work Permit Violations Detected

A series of raids were also executed on public entertainment establishments situated near Orchard Road. Notably, one of these venues underwent comprehensive inspections which lasted several hours.

Among the individuals detained were individuals who had to be processed for valid work permits, in addition to being inspected for illicit possessions. One such individual came to notice due to the possession of a vape. Across the establishments that underwent inspection that night, five individuals were apprehended for possessing illegal vaping devices. Further arrests were made, encompassing offenses related to employment immigration as well as involvement in felonious societies.

Teo Yee Lay, Deputy Commander of Tanglin Police Division, emphasized the continuity of the enforcement momentum and the importance of collaborative operations with other agencies to maximize effectiveness. He asserted, “Those found engaging in unlawful activities will be dealt with sternly.”

Police Raid Initiative Part of Island-Wide Strategy: Public Urged to Report Criminal Activities

This enforcement initiative is an integral facet of the broader strategy to enhance police presence across the entirety of the island. The police authorities have urged the public to remain watchful and promptly report any instances of criminal or suspicious activities.

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